Students and Parents read for 2016-17! Top 10 FAQ for Whitesboro High School
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Thursday, August 11, 2016
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Top 10 FAQ for Whitesboro High School


1.  ATTENDANCE- any time a student is out of school for sickness or doctor’s appointments, the parent must call that day before noon at 903-564-4215. Upon returning the student must bring a note to the office and give it to the attendance clerk, Delisa Tuckness.  These notes can be hand delivered to the office or they can be faxed (903-564-4288) to the office.  If a student has a Dr’s appt. during the day, it is best for them to come to school for at least part of the day and then go to the appt., so the absence will not be counted against the state mandated attendance hours. If you are keeping your student home because they are sick, please notify the attendance clerk, Delisa Tuckness (903-564-4215) the day of the absence and follow up with a note when they return to school.

The state of Texas requires students to attend at least 90% of the class hours to get credit for the course.  If your student does not meet the 90% rule, they will have to make up their time outside of the school day on Saturdays or during summer school.  The High School will hold attendance meetings throughout the year and let you know if your student is showing excessive absences in their classes. 

Extracurricular activities are counted as school excused absences as long as the student is the participant.  A student cannot attend a sibling’s sporting event or competition and get it excused as an extracurricular activity. 

When a student is marked absent by a teacher in a class period, the parent is automatically sent a notification through our school attendance system.  This automated system helps us detect if a student is skipping a class and also keeps parents informed of their student’s whereabouts. If you feel that there has been a mistake in the system, you are more than welcome to call the school and talk to Mrs. Tuckness (903-564-4215) and we can verify the student’s attendance.

All details concerning Attendance can be found in the Student Handbook under the heading “Absences/Attendance.”


  2.    CELL PHONE POLICY - Students at the High School are allowed to have their cell phones in the cafeteria area before/after school and during lunch.  They are not allowed to have them out during classes (unless with teacher permission), during passing periods, or anytime they are going to the restrooms or locker areas. It is preferred that students keep their phones put away.  Any time a student is using their cell phone incorrectly during the day, the phone is taken to the office.  The first offense is parent pick up and a teacher detention, second offense is parent pick up and Saturday School, third offense is parent pick up and In School Suspension.  WHS is not responsible for the theft of any cell phone. 


   3.  DISCIPLINE- Most of the details surrounding expected student conduct can be found in The Student Code of Conduct sections labeled “Standards for Student Conduct,  General Conduct Violations, and Discipline Management Techniques.” Some of the minor conduct violations will be handled with teacher detentions and the teacher will contact the parent via phone or email.  Other discipline issues will be handled through the office using the WHS/WMS Discipline Progression Matrix.  ISS is In-School Suspension where the student is given all of their work in a confined classroom with Doug Flanery as the instructor.  Take Two is a 10 day ISS placement that requires the student to be in a uniform of white T-shirt and blue jeans. AEP placement is off campus at a designated building on the WHS campus that also requires the student to be in uniform of white t-shirt and blue jeans.  All of the assignments are brought to the students while in AEP.                        

Discipline through the office is given by Assistant Principal, Robert Borgman 903-564-4208 or Principal, Marlene Monk 903-564-4208. Both administrators believe in being Firm, Fair, and Consistent when dealing with high school discipline issues.


  4.   DRESS CODE-    All of the details can be found in the Student Handbook under the section labeled “Dress and Grooming.” This year students will not be allowed to have holes, tears or frays in their jeans, pants, or shorts.  This is different from the previous year. Facial hair is allowed at the high school level if it is kept neat and trimmed. (should not be longer than ½ inch in length.) No leggings/yoga pants. Shorts and skirts must be fingertip length and must be hemmed or cuffed.


5.   FOOD DELIVERED TO SCHOOL -  If a parent is bringing food to their student, they must go through the office.  High School does not allow fountain drinks to be brought in. An adult cannot provide food to other students unless he/she has written permission from the parents of the other student.  Outside food items do not follow the state healthy food guidelines that our cafeteria follows so that is why we need permission from the parents for them to receive the food from someone other than their own parent.  Parents that are dropping off food for athletes during athletic events must also go through the office and please have your student’s name on the items. 


6.  GRADING POLICIES- most of the grading policies that pertain to high school students can be found in the “Grading Guidelines” section of the Student Handbook. Often times if students are not finishing their work in class or need to work on corrections, they are given a before or after school detention time to do so.  All of the classes offered at WHS will determine cumulative grades by averaging 50% for assignments and 50% for tests/major projects.  Pre-AP Classes will average grades with 30% for daily work and 70% for tests.    AP Classes and designated Honor’s Classes will average grades with 20% for daily work and 80% for tests. 

During a Nine week grading period, teachers must have a minimum of 12 daily assignments and 3 tests/major projects.  The best way for a parent to stay informed on classroom grades is to get with Donna Carden in the registrar’s office and get the passcode needed to access your student’s grades on the parent portal system. 


 7.   MAKE UP WORK- Please see the Student Handbook for the details on Makeup work.  The most important issues to remember are:

     1.  Students are given at least one day for each day they are absent to get their work turned in.

     2.  Students are responsible for obtaining the makeup work from the teacher.

     3.  Students involved in extracurricular activities must notify the teacher ahead of time about any absences.


8.   COURSE CREDIT (Secondary Grade Levels Only)

A student in grades 9–12, or in a lower grade when a student is enrolled in a high school credit-bearing course, will earn credit for a course only if the final grade is the equivalent of 70 or above.  For a two-semester (1 credit) course, the student’s grades from both semesters will be averaged and credit will be awarded if the combined average is 70 or above.  Should the student’s combined average be less than 70, the student will be required to retake the semester in which he or she failed.


9.   TARDIES- First period starts at 8:00 a.m.  If a student arrives to school after 8:00 a.m., they must go to room 215 and get a tardy slip to be admitted into class. Tardies on the WHS campus will be documented by Doug Flanery.  According to the WHS/WMS Discipline Progression Matrix, the first and second tardy to a particular class will result in a teacher detention. The third and fourth tardies will be time in ISS during that class.  Five or more tardies will be issued 5 days of TAKE II. Tardy accumulation starts over at the semester.


10. TECHNOLOGY- High School students will follow the Chromebook 1:1 guidelines. The district will supply each student at Whitesboro High School with their own personal Chromebook for the 2016-17 school year. These devices will be used throughout the school day, and students will be allowed to take Chromebooks home each night and over the weekends. The Chromebook will be the sole responsibility of the student until graduation from Whitesboro High School.

There will be a yearly fee ($50) for the usage of the Chromebook, other technology devices and software. Each graduating senior will have the opportunity to keep the device after graduation.

Students will be responsible for paying for damages to the devices.        

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