Whitesboro High School Academic Team Places High in Competition!
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Wednesday, March 29, 2017
WHS UIL Academic Team
WHS UIL Academic Team
WHS 2nd in District Competition, Headed to Regionals!

Congratulations to the Whitesboro High School Academic Team!  They recently competed at the District UIL Academic tournament. Overall, Whitesboro came in 2nd place school!  

The following students earned awards:

Calculator: Preston Johnson-6th

Jared Ackley-3rd

Current Events: Zack Krawczyk-5th

Josh Aldefer-4th

Computer Applications: Katrina Rau-4th

Melissa Galan-3rd

Computer Science: Nick Adams-6th

Editorial Writing: Amanda Krahl-5th

Headline Writing: Michael McManigell-3rd

Abbi Gregory-6th

Informative Speaking: Audrey Leach-Galaviz-5th

Rebecca Richardson-6th

LD Debate: Johnny Saculla-3rd

Literary Criticism: Destinee Norman-6th

Mathematics: Scott Gautier-3rd

Number Sense: Scott Gautier-4th

News Writing: Michael MacManigell-5th

Persuasive Speaking: Kassandra Garcia-2nd `

Mackenzie Underwood-1st

Poetry Interpretation: Kevin Gautier-6th

Beau Jefferson-5th

Prose Interpretation: Andrew Dillard-3rd

Mackenzie Underwood-2nd

Chemistry:  Jared Ackley-1st

Physics: Eric Ralston-1st

Science: Eric Ralston-3rd

Scott Gautier-2nd

Jared Ackley-1st

Team Events:

2nd in Calculator Applications

3rd in Computer Science

2nd in Mathematics

1st in Science

2nd in Speech

Great Job everyone! Students who placed in the top three will compete at the regional competition in April.

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